Pais e Filhos – Electrónica Analógica
Ribeira Brava, 22 de Junho

Ribeira Brava - 22 de Junho


Neste atelier, direcionado para crianças dos 3 aos 8 anos, vamos descobrir o mundo da electronica através de plasticina condutora de eletricidade e ainda construir um robot espacial com uma veia artística, o Space Painter. A diversão continua, pois levam as criações para casa!
Cada inscrição é válida para um adulto e um inventor. Venha passar momentos divertidos e inventar em família.
The Inventors desenvolve Kits educacionais inspirando as crianças e despertando-lhes a curiosidade pela criação e procura de conhecimento ao mesmo tempo que lhes dá confiança para começarem a desenvolver os seus próprios projectos.

3 a 8 anos
Ribeira Brava, Ilha da Madeira
Sábado, 22 de Junho
15h00 às 17h00
29€ (inclui projeto: space painter)






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Conhece a equipa que vai trabalhar contigo.
Catarina Castro
João Silveira
Adrian Moldovan
Carlos Caeiro
Cátia Costa
Marco Albuquerque
Ana Rita Santos
Maria Malaquias


A opinião dos alunos
Inquérito Atelier Braço Biónico, Lisboa, Dezembro 2016
Inquérito Atelier Braço Biónico, Lisboa, Dezembro 2016
Inquérito Atelier Braço Biónico, Lisboa, Dezembro 2016

Original Kids


A collaboration between Original Kids and The Inventors

Original Kids combines the fields of neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness and the arts to develop fun and creative educational programs that help kids develop self-awareness, social emotional skills and a positive mindset.

During one week kids will collaborate with local artists across a range of activities that include arts and crafts, music and movement to explore their original potential, while learning creative mindfulness tools that nurture their mental well-being.

The lab is bilingual, with classes in Portuguese and English. The lab size limited, sign up now to guarantee a spot! 

Note: our programming may be subject to changes.

Age: 5 to 12 years
Location: ISCTE, Lisboa, Portugal
Dates: 8 to 12 of July
Time: 9h00 to 18h00
Language: Portuguese and English
Special launch price: 
€175 (€195) + €25 (almoços e lanches)

Limited availability!

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Social Emotional Learning

Kids will participate in activities and games that support the development of self-awareness and a deeper understanding about their thoughts and emotions. The creative projects will help kids manage their feelings and understand the feelings of others, nurturing positive relational skills and non-violent communication.  



The range of activities allows kids to explore and experiment with different artistic techniques, including painting, drawing, creative writing, collage work, sculpture work and songwriting, while discovering their talents and expressing their original creative potential. During the week invited artists will visit the lab and guide kids through special workshops (more information to come on our invited artists)! 

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Neuroscience and Psychology

We combine theories and research from neuroscience and psychology to develop  our activities, teaching kids how the brain works, what is neuroplasticity and the importance of maintaining a “Growth Mindset” – a confident and positive mindset. 


Creative meditation

We guide students through creative mindfulness exercises, such as drawing meditation or exploring the senses. These exercises help kids develop empathy, attention and focus to the present moment, reduce anxiety and stress, and nurture a calm and positive mind. 

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Conscious living

What is my skill set and how can I use it to make the world a better place? How can I help others and the planet? Our activities help kids think about the importance of sustainability and how they can living consciously, thinking about ways to protected the planet and its species. Kids will explore how their interests and capabilities can benefit the future of our planet. 


Born in Brazil in 2012 and currently grounding in New York, Original Kids is a community of creatives: inspiring artists, scientists, and changemakers on a mission to transform education. We design interactive learning experiences for children, families and educators to develop self-awareness, improve mental wellbeing and nurture a positive mindset through the arts, creativity and play.

Our events, tools and programs combine the best theories and practices across the fields of psychology, interdisciplinary arts, neuroscience and mindfulness. We make them simple and playful to learn. Our purpose is to support youth, guardians and educators to express their original potential, develop “critical feeling skills”, live consciously, and feel connected with themselves and the world around them.

Original Kids is also currently organizing afterschool programs in New York, working with teachers to enrich their curriculum and hosting workshops for families. Original Kids was the winner of a Social Impact Entrepreneurship award at Parsons, New School in New York and a finalist at the EdTech Innovation competition at Teachers College, Columbia University. Some of our past projects include:

  • Kolab, Inovação Social, Brazil
  • Oficinas Criativas at Escola Sarapiquá, Brazil
  • Arts & Sounds in the City, Brazil
  • Curriculum enrichment at Blue School, New York, USA
  • Afterschool programming at Teachers College Community School, Harlem, New York, USA
  • Afterschool kids workshops at The Assemblage, New York, USA
  • Kids space and workshops for families at Aniwa Festival
  • Speaker at Mental Jam, Lisboa, Portugal

Alice Cardoso is a Neuroscientist for Education, with a Masters degree from Columbia University and a background in Psychology. Her work is centered around creating bridges between neuroscience research and educational practices. Her research focuses on the importance of early childhood experiences in shaping long-term mental and physical wellbeing, as well as the impact of mindfulness practices on the brain’s development and functioning. She has written a report for the United Nations, is a curriculum specialist for the Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, and has years of experience working with children in New York, Portugal, London, India, and Nepal.

Isis Reich is an educator, multidisciplinary artist and a creative guide. She founded Original Kids in Brazil, and has since then worked with kids and adults to help them develop social emotional skills and express their creativity, learning how to use their unique gifts to contribute to the world. With a Master degree in Transdisciplinary design from Parsons and a background in Architecture and Urban Design, for 7 years she worked as a creative director designing brands, spaces, products, and services. After working at the Innovation facility at the UN redesigning systems to solve global challenges, she realized that in order to truly make an impact, we must first redesign our belief systems.  As an educator, her research combines the lenses of arts, psychology, sciences, and spirituality to create learning experiences that help people unleash their original potential.

For contacts and more information about the camp visit:


+351 916 805 246

The Creatives